Success stories



Fudan Middle School; Rugby Lange Middle School
Princeton University
Ranking No.1 all over the United States
TOEFL 115; SAT 2230
Top4% ? Top1‰
Nanjing Foreign Language Middle School, USA year project
Williams College
Ranking No.1 in ARTS all over the United States
$52,000/year scholarship
TOEFL 113; SAT 2250
Top4% ? Top1‰
No.2 Middle School in Hangzhou; Miami Middle School
University of Toronto
Ranking No.1 in Canada Colleges
Top5% ? Top4‰
Dajing Middle School; Martha Middle School
Carleton College
Ranking No.8 in ARTS all over the United States
TOEFL 110; SAT 2100
Top 9% ? Top3‰
Fudan Middle School; America year project
Dartmouth College
Ranking No.9 all over the United States
TOEFL 112; SAT 2150
Top7% ? Top3‰
Fudan Middle School; St. Vincent Middle School
Washington University in St. Louise
Ranking No.13 all over the United States
$15,000/year scholarship
TOEFL 112; SAT 2240
Top4% ? Top4‰
Middle School of Peking University; America year project
Cornell University
Ranking No.15 all over the United States
TOEFL 114; SAT2200
Top2% ?Top5‰
Middle School of Jiaotong University; Qilin Middle School
Cornell University
Ranking No.15 all over the United States
TOEFL 111; SAT2220
No.1 prize of Article comments in Texus
Top2% ?Top5‰
Middle School of Jiaotong University; Galen Middle School
University of California at Los Angeles
Ranking No.25 all over the United States
TOEFL 97; SAT1960
Top23% ?Top 8‰
No.2 Middle School in Hangzhou; Oldfield Middle School
Wake Forest University
Ranking No.25 all over the United States
TOEFL 103; SAT1970
Top4% ? Top8‰
No.2 Middle School in Hangzhou; Severe ??Middle School
California University in Los Angeles
Ranking No.25 all over the United States
Top30% ? Top8‰


ex. 1

On 11th of july , We went to Sydney by plane. 
On 12th of july, Is was a first in Sydney. In the afternoon, we went to the Olympics_____, to saw the Olympics_____, it was big and nice .And then, we went to the Bondi Beach, On the beach, I really saw the blue sea and the sand was gold. The beach was so beautiful that I played on it for a long time.

On next day, we went to the Sydney Opera House, it was really beautiful and big, and I took many photos in front of the Sydney Opera House and bought some gifts in the supermarket. In the evening, we listened to a music festival, that was very good.

On 14th of july, we went to the blue mountains. The mountains were really height, we climbed the mountains by railway and went back by sky way. That was interesting. If you stand far from the mountains, and look at them, you would find the mountains were blue, so the mountains named blue mountains. In the evening, We stayed at the hotel. Tomorrow, we will go to the Brisbane.

On 15th of july, we got Brisbane, the Brisbane was rainy. The roads become hard to walk on. In the afternoon, we got to Camping Base. Our room was so clean and nice. We all like the room best. In the evening, we had a party. Some students was dancing happily, and the dance were beautiful.

It was 156th of july, Today’s activities were excellent! In the morning, we made a boat made of bamboos. And some people moved it on the lake. It was so interesting! After dinner, we watched stars with our teachers, the stars in the sky were really beautiful.

Today was sunny! After breakfast, we did some working. I made a beautiful flower. It made of leaves, flowers and branches. We had fun in the afternoon. First, we had to get the box in the house, but we were transported. But at last, we thinking and thinking. Then, we won! In the evening, we played a game, it was fun.

The activities were very great that I had so much fun. I love those activities. After that, we went to a park. There were many beautiful stones, trees and grass everywhere. It was really relaxing.

ex. 2

After camping, we went to John Paul College to learn something about Australia. And we would live with host family.

John Paul College is a big school. The teachers were friendly to us. The first class we talked about Australian animals. As we know, Australia is home to many unusual animals like koalas, kangaroos, emus, echidnas and so on. We talked a lot about koalas and kangaroos ——their reproductions ,their predators ,their habitat ….. We learned a lot about them. Then , we used books to look up information of another Australia animals. We drew a picture of them and write the information in sentences. All of us made a good report of the animals. I was glad to see my works.

The next day was Saturday. We went to the Paradise Country in the morning. We saw koalas and kangaroos, some of us fed kangaroos and took photos with koalas. Besides, we learned how to milk a cow and how to cut a sheep .These activities were fantastic for us. In the afternoon, we went to the movie world. We watched a 4d movie and we learned how to make a movie . It was interesting.

On Sunday, we stayed with our host family. Maybe go somewhere, maybe eat something. I think all of us had a great and meaningful weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday, we talked about Australian food. We ate some. Someone think they were delicious, someone not. What’s more, we talked about the Aboriginal people of Australia——what they eat , what they wear, what’s their languages .The Aboriginal use the Boomerang to hunted animals, so when we talk about this , the teacher let us play the Boomerang on the playground. I thought I throwed it in right way , but it never came back. I didn’t know why so I was wondering.

Wednesday was our last day in John Paul College . We said “good bye” to our host family and our teacher sadly.These six days in John Paul College were unforgettable . Because of the good teachers , good lessons and good school.