IELTS Lesson


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally- recognized English language test.  IELTS mainly tests a person’s language application ability for life in English-speaking countries.  The test  consists of four parts: a listening test, a reading test, a writing test, and an oral test.  It is jointly owned by Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, and the Australian Education Agency for International Development.  IELTS’s scientific and logical system has led  to its recognition by 106 countries  around the world.  It is the globally-accepted  language standard for applying to universities, immigration, and employment with foreign companies.  SBETC has designed many advanced lessons on the basis of IELTS requirements.

IELTS lessons are all taught by foreign professors. Students will make great progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing with the aid of its teachers’ western concepts.

A combination of the latest world IELTS materials and our center’s own classic materials will improve students’ abilities. In addition, our explanations of the world IELTS questions can increase a students’ rate of success.

Class size is limited to 25 students, which guarantees that each student has the opportunity to speak in every class.

The class teachers will supervise, teach and monitor students carefully.  Class teachers will communicate with parents regularly about their students’ attendance and progress in the course.

A scholarship system will encourage students’ initiative and give  them a greater sense of accomplishment.  Students who  gain  a score of 7 or above will be rewarded with a 2000RMB scholarship.

A new way to study abroad; a significant English study class; a stepping stone to college entrance; a license to enter a good company; a fast track  to immigration.