E-Comm Lessons

l  We design highly-targeted tuition classes for primary and junior high school students according to the students’ individual needs.  We call this course E-Comm (English for Communication).

l  The aim is to arouse students’ interest and confidence in their English studies so that they can improve their 4 core language abilities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

l  We utilize original imported materials, including personalized, interesting, real and frequently used English words, phrases and sentence structures.  The lessons are taught by native English speakers either face to face, or in an interactive online format. Students will grow more comfortable speaking and understanding English by completing various English language exercises and participating in English-based activities.  Likewise, students will gradually improve their reading and writing skills.

l  The course stimulates students’ passion for language learning by the listen-and-watch method, with all sorts of games, pictures, role playing, music and other interesting learning tools, which provide a pleasant multifaceted learning environment for students to reach their potential.